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Avascular Necrosis

Bone is a living tissue. It needs blood supply to live. When there are interruptions or stoppages of blood supply to the bone tissues, bones may collapse and the joint may get dislocated. This condition is called Avascular Necrosis. Mostly, hip joints are the affected organs in human body. Sometimes shoulders, knees or ankles may get affected too. Avascular Necrosis at the jaw is also known to happen.

This happens due to underlying health problem, prolonged use of inflammation-fighting drugs or injury. Sometimes, the fat (lipids) can block small blood vessels, reducing the blood flow that feeds bones.

There are various mode of treatment including formal medicine, regenerative medicine and surgery.

There are no early symptoms. Pain increases with time. Initially, the pain may appear only when put pressure on the bone. Gradually, the pain becomes constant until the bones in the surrounding joint collapse which results in severe pain and restricted joint movement. The time between the early stage and collapse of bone may be between few months to more than a year.