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Robotic Joint Replacement

Dr. Santosh Kumar is a renowned robotic joint replacement surgeon based in kolkata with experience of more than 10,000 joint replacement surgeries in last 17 years. He had been instrumental in making the world’s best to the masses in eastern India. In 2013 he had introduced the Orthopilot Navigation system for joint replacement and today the city of Kolkata has become a hub of Joint replacement for while of Eastern India.

Today he is doing knee & Hip replacement surgeries with world’s first FULLY ACTIVE AND AUTOMATIC ROBOT Cuvis which equipped with infrared camera also.

Why do we need the Robot?

We know Joint Replacement or knee replacement is a precision based surgery dependent on the mechanical precision. The performance and the longevity of the implant depends on this precision. Human eyes although precise can not distinguish points less than one or two mm apart but this Robot works on sub millimetric precision.

It allows for simulation and planning and customization of surgery. We know the size and preferred position of the implants before surgery itself. Robot is an assistant of surgeon and not the surgeon. So surgical expertise and experience is very important, the robot helps in better precision.


Benefits of Robotic Joint Replacement

  • World’s Safest Technology
  • Submillimeter Accuracy
  • Future Of Joint Replacement
  • Zero chances of Human Error
  • Highest Longevity of Implant
  • Natural Feeling after Surgery
  • Sutureless Surgery
  • Painless Procedure
  • Clinically Proven Procedure
Cuvis Robot
Cuvis Robot


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