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Why Knee Surgery?

Why Knee Surgery?

Published on July 23, 2022 By Dr Santosh Kumar

Knee replacement surgery is considered once all other conservative options have failed to provide any relief. If you have tried all your doctor’s recommendations and are still experiencing pain, stiffness, or lack of stability, then it is time to consider making a choice that will allow you to get your life back.

Over 700,000 knee surgeries are performed each year in the United States to help relieve knee pain. 9 out of 10 patients who undergo knee replacement surgery state they feel immediate pain relief and 95% of all patients are satisfied with the procedure. Patients can expect implants to last up for at least a decade, with some lasting as long as 20 years. This allows for years of active and healthy living. The impact of a knee replacement surgery on your life can be profound.

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